Survey of Ceramic Art

A semi-circular row of wooden cases with various ceramic pieces displayed in them.

Image credit: Photography by Andie Bottrell, Designing Indie

Exhibit Details

Ongoing; Semi-permanent rotating exhibition
Musgrave Gallery
Southwest Missouri has a historically strong community of ceramicists perhaps owing to the Ozark’s strong belief in hand-crafted works and a healthy do-it-yourself mentality. Ranging from the functional to the sculptural and experimental, the breadth and range of these works represents not only a chronological cross-section of the collection but also a wide trajectory of the transition of clay from its more functional origins into a fully-fledged studio art movement.

This exhibition includes over 50 works from a wide array of ceramic artists, including William De Morgan, Maija Grotell, Maria Martinez, Rodo Padilla, Chen Chih-Chieh, Rajab Chehrehgosha, Gertrud and Otto Natzler, Brian D. King, Jeff Johnston, and Tybre Newcomer, among others. The exhibition also includes examples of Van Briggle Pottery, Weller Pottery, Newcomb College Pottery, Cadmon (Hampshire) Pottery, and Dedham Pottery.

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