Tradition Interrupted

A grouping of 14 skateboards suspended in the air with decks covered in textile patterns.

Image credit: Mounir Fatmi, Maximum Sensation, 2016, Skateboards, prayer rugs, approximately 90" H x 192" L x 12" D. 

Exhibit Details

August 19, 2023 - November 12, 2023
Eldredge, Spratlen, and Armstrong Galleries

Tradition Interrupted is an international group exhibition that explores the methods used by artists to conflate contemporary ideas with traditional art and craft in a range of media, from rugs and mosaics to metalwork and ceramics. The twelve featured artists merge age-old media and technique with innovation, and re-visioning culturally historic ideas to create new work that interrupt traditional practice but still collaborates with the past. 

For generations, traditional craft and art practices held steadfast and often visually defined a culture. Today, artists are unraveling certain traits and facets of these ancient customs to redefine or reclaim them for the contemporary world. For many of the artists in Tradition Interrupted, everyday objects are sources of powerful agency to recall memories in danger of being forgotten, or to call into question revisionist histories. Many of the artists work in a conceptually “uncomfortable” space with the traditions and theories of their past as they create hybrid artworks that address contemporary concepts and concerns.

This traveling exhibition features 23 works including sculpture, installation art, and 2-D objects. Featured artists hail from around the world and include: Anila Quayyum Agha (Pakistan), Faig Ahmed (Azerbaijan), Camille Eskell (U.S.), Mounir Fatmi (Morocco), Ana Gómez (Mexico), Shirin Hosseinvand (Iran), Dinh Q. Lê (Vietnam), Steven Young Lee (U.S.), Jaydan Moore (U.S.), Ramekon O’Arwisters (U.S.), Jason Seife (U.S.), and Masami Teraoka (Japan).  

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Tradition Interrupted was organized by Bedford Gallery at the Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA.

Exhibit Resources

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Tradition Interrupted at Bedford Gallery

FREE Take-Home Project Bag: Weaving New Creations from Old Traditions - Registration for this Project Bag has now closed.

This art-making kit features activities inspired by Din Q. Lê's photographic weavings in Tradition Interrupted. Register for your free project bag and then pick it up in the Museum's Lobby during our normal hours of operation. Don't forget to share your work in progress or completed project with us on social media using the hashtag #sgfprojectbag 

Related Programs

Slow Viewing with Shauna LeAnn Smith:
Wednesday, August 23, 6:00 PM: F-Ezra Made a Woman by Camille Eskell
Thursday, October 19, 6:00 PM: Hal by Faig Ahmed

Slow Viewing is a supportive practice for anyone who wants to develop their skills of interpretation, observation, and discussing art. Guests spend an hour carefully observing and speaking about the works on view, resulting in a deeper understanding of how they and others relate to the artwork and to each other. This program is facilitated by artist Shauna LeAnn Smith. This program is free, but space in-gallery is limited so registration is required.

Recycled Aluminum Jewelry Workshop:
Friday, Oct. 13, 6:00 - 8:00 PM. $40 Workshop fee. Materials included.

This fun workshop will turn soda cans and bottle caps into personal jewelry. Participants will view and take inspiration from works by Shirin Hosseinvand currently on view in Tradition Interrupted. Materials will be provided, but you can also bring your own thoroughly cleaned and dried materials. Registration required. Ages 16+

  1. Exhibit Support

The 2023 Exhibition Season is presented by Friends of the Springfield Art Museum, Inc.

Major support for this exhibition is provided by Melinda J. McDaniel Charitable Trust, UW, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee.

Financial assistance for this project has been provided by the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.

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