Facility Rental

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent limitations on mass gatherings, the Springfield Art Museum is suspending all facility rentals until further notice.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these uncertain times and look forward to welcoming you back to the Springfield Art Museum soon!

The Springfield Art Museum offers a variety of rental opportunities that will expose your guests to a world of imagination and beauty.

Choose from 1 of the 4 available spaces:

  • Amphitheater
  • Auditorium
  • Kaye Foster-Gibson Family Lobby (only available for after-hours events)
  • Community Room

Rental Fees & Requirements


Setup Fee

Hourly Fee

Security Fee*





Community Room




Kaye Foster-Gibson Family Lobby








* Security Fee applies for all events taking place after regular Museum hours and events with over 200 participants.  These events require an additional Security staff member for every additional 50 guests over 200. Security personnel are  responsible for ensuring the safety of artworks on display. They are not meant to serve as security for  events produced by renters. Renters are responsible for any additional security needs and must  coordinate these with the Museum.

** Renter must provide valet parking service or events with anticipated attendance of over 200. Parking service must be properly licensed and insured.

*** A 50% discount on rentals is available to not-for-profit organizations with proof of non-profit status. Not-for-profit organizations eligible to file a 990N with the IRS may qualify for additional discounts and sponsorship opportunities.  All other fees and requirements, including insurance requirements, security fees, and equipment fees, apply in full.  Contact the Museum for more information by calling 417-837-5700 or email artmuseum@springfieldmo.gov.

Additional Fees & Requirements

1. A Certificate of Liability Insurance is required in the collective amount of $1 Million.

 2. If alcohol is to be served at your event, a Certificate of Liquor Liability Insurance is required in  the collective amount of $1 Million.

Preliminary Rental Form & Renter’s Guide

To better assist you with your special event, please fill out the preliminary rental form at the link below and a museum representative will contact you. For more information about use of the Springfield Art Museum facilities, pricing, policies, and procedures, download our Renter’s Guide (PDF) at the link below. We encourage all potential renters to visit the Springfield Art Museum to see our spaces. A rental contract is required before use of facility is allowed.

Renter’s Guide PDF

Preliminary Rental Form

Need Event Insurance?

To assist with securing insurance, the City has arranged access to a third-party Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy, or TULIP. The TULIP is an easy-to-use, fast method of insuring most types of events and activities. To get more information about this program or to get a quote visit:

Learn about insuring your event.

When requesting a quote, enter code: Springfield Art Museum: 4547-002

Serving Alcoholic Beverages

You may serve alcoholic beverages at your event. However, we ask that alcoholic beverages be served by a properly licensed and insured caterer. The first step in the process of serving at your event is to obtain permission to serve alcoholic beverages at the Museum. Please complete the following form to seek permission to serve alcohol at your event: Permission to Serve Alcohol.