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Studio Practice: Artist’s Walk (Adult Art Class)

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    Adult Class Fee - $120.00

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Julie Cameron, Author of The Artist’s Way, offers Walking as a tool for making art. In this class,
we will use walks as a way of cultivating thoughts and inviting inspiration. Class time will be
broken into three categories: Walking, Responding, and Sharing.
Artist Walk Rules/Instructions
(Do not trespass, do not take things that you know you shouldn’t take, remain alert, respect
others and respect the landscape)
- Designate this as a creative space. Limit distractions, move slowly and quietly.
- Listen to your thoughts. Record them if it feels important. React to them, record that.
- Look around you, notice how things relate to one another. Ask yourself questions.
Record them if they feel important. React to what you see.
- Collect materials (as long as you know it is alright to take them), ideas, questions,
observations. Whatever seems important to you. This is about you.
- Use as many pages as you need. Think about quantity - not quality. Scribble, let it be
unfinished and messy and “ugly”.
- Allow yourself to make at whatever pace feels right. Do not force things, just listen.)

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