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Creative Drawing and Studio Practice (Adult Art Class)

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    Adult Class Fee - $120.00

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This studio-focused class was designed for artists and thinkers who struggle with consistency in their creative practice. Through a series of exercises focused on observation, I hope to strengthen your attention to your surroundings and their relationship to your life and work.

Exercises may be based on works in the Museum’s permanent collection, traveling exhibitions, contemporary art, poetry, essays, color theory, memory recall, sensory experiences, video, sound or historical events.

Using a journal as our archive, we will collect thoughts and ideas in response to in-class exercises. All media welcome (photography, writing, drawing, painting, mixed media, etc.)

We will use these exercises as a means of contemplation and critique. By engaging in them, we may find self-understanding and cultivate empathy.

At the closure of each 2-hour long session, I will give a related prompt that you may carry with you during the week. These prompts will require attention, but not always action, allowing you to maintain awareness throughout your routine without the added pressure of assignments or deadlines.

As an instructor, I am skilled in mixed-media, collage, drawing, and process-based art.



personal sketchbook or journal


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