Past Exhibitions

  1. Into the West

    Into the West

    An exhibit featuring Western and Southwestern art, pulled from the Gertrude Vanderveer Spratlen Collection.

  2. About Face: Portraits

    About Face: Portraits

    The second in a series of exhibits exploring the Museum's extensive collection of contemporary American watermedia.

  3. Glazed Over

    Glazed Over

    Learn more about the exhibition, Glazed Over, find out where in the museum it's located and how long it will be featured.

  4. Four by Four 2014

    Four by Four 2014

    A biennial, invitational exhibition recognizing artists working in all media in the four-state region of Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas.

  5. Susi Steinitz Ettinger

    Susi Steinitz Ettinger

    A retrospective exhibition on German-born artist Susi Steinitz Ettinger.

  6. Kara Walker

    Kara Walker

    An exhibit of work by Kara Walker including large-scale printmaking, metal sculpture, shadow puppetry and film.

  7. British/American Pop

    British/American Pop

    An exhibit comparing Pop Art in Britain and America

  8. Watercolor NOW

    Watercolor NOW

    An invitational exhibit of work submitted by members of the Watercolor USA Honor Society.

  9. House of Art(S)

    House of Art(S)

    An outdoor, site specific public art installation constructed of graffiti panels.

  10. Warhol Uncanned

    Warhol Uncanned

    An exhibit of seven photographs by Colorado artist Lindsey Wohlman, inspired by Andy Warhol's "Campbell Soup Cans."

  11. Watercolor USA 2016

    Watercolor USA 2016

    The Museum's annual, national juried exhibition recognizing contemporary aqueous media painting.

  12. String Theory

    String Theory

    Throughout time and over various cultures, humans have used fibers in similar ways to construct a variety of objects. Utilizing objects from the Museum's permanent collection, this exhibit will explore a number of basic textile construction techniques and highlight the versatility of working in the fiber arts.

  13. Donald Holden: Memory Painter

    Donald Holden: Memory Painter

    A selection of small landscape paintings created by artist Donald Holden. Holden works primarily in watercolor and uses broad simple brushstrokes to convey evocative paintings from his travels pulled solely from his memory of place.

  14. Four by Four 2016: Midwest Invitational

    Four by Four 2016: Midwest Invitational

    The biennial "Four by Four 2016: Midwest Invitational Exhibition" recognizes and encourages artists working in all media who reside in the four-state region of Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas. The exhibit features work by four artists - one from each state - who will each exhibit a body of work.

  15. The Wood-Fired Kiln: A Catalyst for Collaboration

    The Wood-Fired Kiln: A Catalyst for Collaboration

    This exhibit will include the work of seven well-known local, regional, national and international ceramicists: Nina Hole, Priscilla Mouritzen, Rick Hirsch, Ken Baskin, Scott Meyer, Keith Ekstam and Jeff Johnston. The exhibit will focus specifically on work that has been created using a wood-fire kiln and will investigate the character and dynamic of the collaborations that have resulted from this very communal and social process.

  16. All School Exhibition

    All School Exhibition

    The annual all school exhibition features work by student artists from across our community, in kindergarten through twelfth grades. This exhibit celebrates Youth Art Month and has been a staple of our exhibition schedule for over forty years.